Homeless Continuum of Care

Services begin with intensive outreach efforts into homeless encampments and anywhere that homeless people may be. From initial contact, consumers have access to multi-service centers where they can begin to address both basic needs and underlying problems, emergency shelter targeted for consumers with mental health issues, and permanent housing with support services. Through a “no wrong door” approach and a Housing First model, people are assisted to transition from homelessness and re-integrate into their communities.

Outreach and Engagement
Anka provides homeless outreach to the encampments for people experiencing homelessness and co-occurring disorders. Using the principles of harm reduction and motivational interviewing, outreach workers focus on building trusting relationships to assist consumers with the process of transitioning out of homelessness.

Multi-service Centers (MSCs)
Anka provides drop-in centers for people experiencing homelessness. Services are tailored to both meet basic needs with showers, phone, laundry, and mail services and engage people in case management, mental health, substance abuse, medical, benefits assistance, and vocational services. With a focus on ending homelessness, MSC staff partner with consumers to transition out of homelessness and increase their overall health and self-sufficiency.

Emergency Housing
Anka provides an emergency shelter for people with serious and persistent mental illness. Shelter beds are reserved for those whose mental health symptoms make typical emergency housing environments challenging, and the shelter provides a flexible environment where people can begin their transition out of homelessness and mental health recovery.

Permanent Supportive Housing
Anka has developed a variety of supportive housing options for people transitioning out of homelessness. Please see the Supported/Independent Living section for more information.
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